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Sarah Belcher Events, is an award winning events and management consulting company. We specialise in producing uniquely creative moments and experiences for audiences of all ages. We are the proud creators of Krazy Races, a hugely popular soapbox derby style event that runs across the UK. Our company prides itself on working with local businesses and stakeholders to create unique sponsorship opportunities that will show continued results and uplift long after our events have finished.

Through our consultation services we bring our 20 years of event experience to support like minded businesses who share our passion, ethos & values. We consult and give advice on a broad range of event aspects including: concept development, project & event management, documentation, health & safety guidance for small, medium and large scale outdoor events.

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Our Award Winning Events

Sparked by an ambition to bring you the fun, wacky world of Soapbox Racing, Krazy Races aims to bring you all manner of races wild and zany across the UK. Krazy Races aims to deliver accessible, enjoyable and experiential events that create unique moments in time that last a lifetime. We believe in creating events that engage the audience for more than just the day, making them part of the experience and taking them on the journey is the way to create an amazing event experience. We do this through combining the power of social media, exceptional event delivery, and great participant excitement and engagement.

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With a goal of constantly developing our event offering and with experience of delivering many events both large scale outdoor events and more intimate events, we are in a great position to partner with you. We are here to help you develop that unique idea you've been harbouring for some time now!

We'd love to chat about your ideas and bring our expertise to help you deliver them...so get in touch!

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